Hazy Shade of Winter

Bonjour chers lecteurs! La premiรจre neige est tombรฉe dans la ville de Fredericton Vendredi!

Winter Scene (2)-min
Officer’s Square, Downtown Fredericton

It had been getting steadily colder the past 10 days, and on Friday morning, we woke up to a world of white.

Yes, the winter is definitely here now (for us, at least).

And although it is freezing cold, everything looks amazing subhanAllah! For me and Z, who have never seen snow before (expect in movies), this is an exciting experience alhumdulillah… and a scary one, to start with!

On Thursday evening, from around 6pm onwards, the first flurries of snow had started to fall, and on Friday morning the temperature had dropped to around -2 degrees Celsius and everything was wearing a layer of white. Yes, it was snowing, but the snow disappeared almost as soon as it landed, leaving the roads and everything else wet and slippery. But by around 11am, the snow had started to stick to the road and everything else, and the temperature dropped further.

Frederictoners have told us, this is nothing and is considered merely a “dusting of snow”, even though the snow piled up to around 5-10 cm. According to them, this is just winter peeking in to say hello. The real business will probably start in earnest in a couple of weeks.


We are being super-extra-careful in our driving at the moment, because yes, the roads can get treacherous when the snow melts and becomes ice. Although the roads and sidewalks are regularly salted, and the slow ploughs come around to clear any of the snow, it doesn’t do to be complacent. Especially for us as first-timers experiencing snow and ice conditions.

We’ve also bought snow scrapers for our car, to clean the snow off the windscreens and windows, and hope to get our winter tires fitted by the end of November.

Just a note here: unless you have all-weather tires, or you are able to fit your winter tires yourself, it’s very hard to get an appointment to get the tires fitted once the first hint of snow is in the air. The bookings fill up very quickly, and you may end up only getting an appointment 2-4 weeks down the line. So plan accordingly and start shopping around from the middle of autumn. The first set of winter tires will cost you around CAD $850 to buy and get fitted (most people usually go to Canadian Tire, Midas or Michelin).

Anyway, that’s the practicalities out of the way.

Right now, Z and I are just going to enjoy this new experience and become even more of photo-freaks, taking as many photos as possible. ๐Ÿ˜€ And although I do not particularly like the cold, I am definitely looking forward to the winter activities like ice-skating and perhaps even skiing. And since curling is a Canadian past time, we may end up trying that too! LOL.

Since this is just the first snowfall, I warn my readers that there will lots more posts with snow pics to follow in the coming weeks, so be prepared….. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€It's Snowing

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