9 thoughts on “NBPNP Online System – Full Application

    1. Hi there
      If you and your wife have a joint account or if the funds in your wife’s account contribute towards the value of your net worth, then you should definitely include her accounts as well.
      Even if she transferred a certain amount from her account to your account, her account details should be included


  1. Hi ,please if i am applying in a Regulated Profession,i.e, NOC 2147 ,am i mandated to have a License before they can issue a nomination or License is only required before working in that profession when i get to NB?


      1. Not 2174 but 2147: 2147 –>> Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers).
        This one.


    1. Hello

      Sometimes the NBPNP AOR email gets redirected to your Spam/Junk folder, so check that first.

      Also check the Notifications section in your INB profile page, you should have received a PDF file from NBPNP that is basically an AOR when you submit your application

      If you are still worried about it, you can email NBPNP directly and ask if your application has been received in good order.


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